Saturday, May 30, 2009

My "Twilight" Saga....

So I bought "Eclipse" today and just finished reading it about 10 minutes ago (1:00 AM).....I started reading it at 3:00 PM!!! Now I just learned from my daughter that "Breaking Dawn" is in her locker.....AT SCHOOL!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!! I'm debating on whether I should get my butt dressed and headed over to Wally World right now to buy it.....I don't think I can wait until Monday afternoon to start reading it. I've never gotten into a series like this, where I just HAVE to start reading the next book IMMEDIATELY. Now I know what I was missing.....why did I wait so long to read "Twilight"???? mind is made's off to Wally World for me! I'm so excited!!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

No Scrappiness going on here.....

I haven't scrapped anything in the last....ummmm...few days!! I've been super busy, trying to work, study for a test tomorrow, keep my kids and DH fed, house cleaned, etc!! BUT, I have FINALLY gotten on the bandwagon that is known as "TWILIGHT"!! I know, a little late, but now that I know what it is all about I AM HOOKED!! I read "Twilight" on Memorial Day (yes, in 1 sitting) and then I bought "New Moon" yesterday and finished reading that today!! I came home and asked my daughter were "Eclipse" was and she said my sister had it.....dang it, my sister lives in Northern time to have her send it to me because I will go crazy with anticipation!!! So, instead, after my test tomorrow I will be running my butt on over to the great Wally World and buying it. Thankfully my daughter still has "Breaking Dawn" in her bedroom, so I will not have to run out and get that one! I know, crazy right???

Well, as soon as I can get those books read I will be back to my scrappy little self.....I HOPE! I have so much I want to do, I'm going to TRY and make a Calendar for my MIL for her birthday in June, but I will not be giving it to her until July when I fly out to San Diego to see them....YEAH VACATION!!

Well, thanks for reading (my lovely 2 followers!!! LOL!!!) and anyone else who happens upon my blog!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Friday Color Challenge Black Tie Affair

So the challenge over at If the shoe fits blog was to create a card or LO in Black & White, and ONLY Black & other color (not even the pics). This LO is of my "Soccer Stars"...Sarina & Breanna. This was a little hard for me, as I have never done my photos in Black & White...NEVER!! But I absolutely love how the pics turned out...I'm going to have to do this more often!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Card Challenge Wednesday

So over at If The Shoe Fits...Scrap It (, they had a Beach-themed card challenge for Wednesday. This is what I did (also for a crop on CafeMom). It is the "Surprise Pop-Up" card that I learned how to do from YouTube (here's the video link: )


Ok, so this is a FIRST for me! I have never blogged before, but I figure "why not give it a go!!". So here I am, ready to post my first blog....YEAH!! This is just a place for me to post my scrapbook pages and the cards that I create....either for myself or others (like other blog challenges).
I hope you all enjoy my page....I need to figure out how to customize it, so any tips would be greatly appreciated! Maybe I'll have to ask my wonderful friend Tracey (over at ).....I just LOVE her....she's the greatest and she makes the most amazing scrappy pages & cards I've ever seen. So stop by her blog and see her wonderful creations!

So here are a few of my creations so far:

This LO is from our Bahama anniversary trip. This is my DH and I "Snorkeling in Freeport". I used one of those 12x12 pages that has 2 side 6x12 flaps that open up:

Birthday LO of my oldest daughters 14th Birthday. The girls are in their bathing suits in the jacuzzi tub filled with bubbles!!

Here is on of "Our Hero" husband from his last deployment in 2007:

This is ME at Thanksgiving 2008.....posing for the camera (which I'm always behind....LOL!!!)

Well, I hope you all enjoy! I will try and get some other things worked on and posted soon!
Thanks for stopping by!