Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another Room Makeover down!

Well, Sarina's room is FINALLY done!! Yeah.....she is so excited! My mom did an outstanding job on both of the girls rooms and I know she is happy that she is done...LOL!

Here is the before shots of Sarina's Room:

And the finished product. At the top of 2 walls is a really dark purple and on the other 2 is a pink. At the bottom is black and is separated with a white chair rail. It is the "grown-up Princess room".

Here is the decopauge my mom did with scrapbook paper....again, terrific job Mom!!

This is Sarina's photo board, where she can put pics of her and her friends or cards she receives.

My mom painted these diamonds on the walls.

And lastly, this bustierre lamp. Isn't it the cutest darn thing you've ever seen???

That's it for now. Stay posted for my future postings on my scrapbook related happenings over at If The Shoe Fits blog. My scrappiness begins February 5th!!



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