Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Room Makeover - Nearly Complete

Well, Breanna's room is nearly complete! It will be finished, hopefully, at the end of the month when her chest of drawers comes in and we are able to decorate around it (to figure out where everything else is gonna go).

In this 1st picture, the item in the middle is actually made out of scrapbook paper! Who knew my mom could do something with PP??!! I'm very proud of her! She took a regular piece of canvas and decopauged it with the PP, added ribbon and embellished it. It came out beautiful, right??

Here is Breanna laying in her new bed, of course on her computer!

The dresser in this picture is actually going to be donated to a guy at my hubby's work (who has 9 kids under 12). So she will have a big empty space right there where we plan on getting a makeup vanity & chair, with the mirror (on the floor in the pic) is going to go right above it.

And then this lamp! It is too cute and came just like that. I don't know where she purchased it, but it is fabulous!

Next up is Sarina's room, which is going to get started tomorrow. She is super excited about that! This time I was smart and took a "before" picture, so when I post the progress on her room I will post the before pic.
Thanks for reading! I will be back this weekend with some new posts (hopefully) as I am participating in some online crops from my groups on CafeMom.
See ya soon!

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