Saturday, January 30, 2010

The snow is coming down!

Well, the weather man was right for a change! I can't actually believe it is snowing here!! I totally kept telling everyone it wasn't gonna happen, but I guess I'm eating those words right now...LOL!

Here is a pic of my DH standing in front of our house. It's funny, he doesn't like snow or coldness, so I am very surprised at how giddy he was this morning. When we went skiing/snowboarding for Christmas he wasn't that excited about the snow, but I guess it's because it wasn't actually falling then, it was already on the ground....LOL!! I want him to go out in it and make snow angels so I can take pics, but he doesn't want to "ruin" it....are you kidding me?? In front of our house, down the street view.

Backyard pics:

My oldest daughter is not so excited about the snow. She's just laying in her bed sleeping, so I guess I wont' getting any pics of her in her snow gear playing in it. I'll update if she changes her mind. On the other hand, my youngest daughter isn't even home so I have no idea how she is enjoying the snow. I guess she and her friend will have some fun playing in it. Hopefully her friends mom will take pics and share with me....LOL!!
Since I don't plan on going anywhere in this mess, I will be home scrapping the day away if my DH will let me...LOL!
Til next time....

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